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CARS: new paintings by Louise Leong
July 4-31st, 2019 at STRIPE Men
117 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Opening reception July 5th, 2019 6pm

Louise Leong produces art that evokes nostalgia and amusement. She is known for making bold and graphic screenprints of illustrated characters and handmade pinball art toys. In recent years she has begun painting in gouache to capture sidewalk scenes of free piles.

Her latest series of paintings capture and celebrate the numerous “nice car” sightings in her daily travels through Santa Cruz neighborhoods.

About the exhibit:
"I love cars. I love my car. I love the Cars. I love songs about cars and driving. Cars are sleek, sexy, shining, and also busted, boxy, and ugly. I love those too.

Before I started driving, I fantasized about the car I would own and what kind of music I would listen to while driving with the windows down. I made a mixtape of the songs. It’s called Rock n’ Roll Car Ride. I love being in my car on the road and being simultaneously in public and private.

My dad was a driving teacher when he immigrated here. My parents later ran a used car dealership. My car worship is a slice of Americana that I’ve claimed."

Louise is an owner and member of the Little Giant Collective printmaking studio located in downtown Santa Cruz and exhibits regularly in Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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