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Upcoming Exhibits 2018

  • February - Eyes Go Boing @ Kilovolt Coffee - West Oakland, CA

  • March - POParcade @ Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery - Macau China

  • April - Curb Alert @ Stripe Men - Santa Cruz, CA

March 5-17, 2018
Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, Macau


In this new exhibit, “POP ARCADE”, commonplace imagery from popular childhood snacks, toys, and television are remixed and regurgitated for your viewing pleasure. Many of these images will resonate with other Asian-Americans like the artist, though the memory of snacking happily on something wrapped in colorful paper or foil while watching a beloved cartoon can prove universal. The exhibit includes reverential gouache paintings of beloved snack foods, bold graphics of commonplace objects, and small handmade toys inspired by analog pastimes before smart phones.

Sponsored by Yunyi Arts and Communications and the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau

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