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Hello, everyone! I'm pleased to invite you to an upcoming international exhibit I've co-curated that is opening August 12, 2016 at Little Lodge in San Francisco.

This will be the debut of the exhibit before it travels to Macao in October 2016.

It is a joint effort between myself and YunYi Arts and Cultural Communications, a nonprofit arts organization based in Macao.

Christine Hong and I brought together over 20 artists based in Macau and on the West Coast to interpret the theme "If I Were in Macao/San Francisco." Using the narrative style of illustration, the works created in this exhibit bridge the geographic and cultural distances between these two places.

This international exhibit seeks to promote and raise awareness of Macao’s arts culture by creating more artistic opportunities for international exchange and engagement and promoting diversity in the cultural events of Macao.

Featuring new works by SF Bay Area/LA based artists Jeff Cheung, Carly Dooling, Sanaa Khan, Leah Labrador, Louise Leong, Cynthia Navarro, Melody Overstreet, Kenneth Srivijitakkar, Max Stadnik, and Lynora Valdez.


Featured artists from Macao are Crystal Chan, Big Ear Cow, Dor Liu, Joao Jorge Magalhaes, Julia Lam, Karen Yung, Lin Ge,  Molly, Yolanda Kog, and Lan Chiang.

Hope to see you all at the opening!


Rebus Shmebus Macau (Firecracker strand), 2016

acrylic marker and oil stick on panel


My family, which includes my parents, all three of my siblings, are from Macau. My mother's whole family still lives there. While working on my pieces for this exhibit, I was heavily influenced by a travel diary and photos my brother had taken on a recent trip to Macau with our mother earlier this year. 

A preview of one of my pieces for this exhibit

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